‘irreverent, heart-wrenching, rallying‘ (Annie Rutherford, The Skinny)

Welcome, bienvenue to the website of poet, performer, events curator and workshop facilitator Rachel McCrum. She is currently the curator of the Atwater Poetry Project, the co-director of the Mile End Poets’ Festival, and is working on her second collection, centred around shame and shaming, due to be published in 2021. Her first collection ‘The First Blast to Awaken Women Degenerate//Le premier coup de clairon pour réveiller les femmes immorales’ is now available in a bilingual (English-French) edition with Canadian press Memoire d’encrier.

Formerly of Edinburgh, Scotland (inaugural BBC Scotland Poet in Residence; Rally & Broad; Stewed Rhubarb Press), she is now based in Montreal, Quebec.

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Mile End Poets’ Festival is an annual multidisciplinary, multilingual festival centring around poetry, spoken word, music, poetryfilms, collaborative practice, dance and much more. It takes place in Montreal, Quebec. The directors are Ian Ferrier and Rachel McCrum. To find out more about the Festival, visit: https://www.mile-end-poets.ca/

Mile End Poets’ Festival